The purpose of the course is to introduce learners to sociological and comparative foundations of education. The course will equip the learner to appreciate the importance of agents of socialization like the school, the church and the family.

Purpose of the course:

To study the meaning of words, sentences and  utterances in context. The course will look into the semantic meaning of words and sentences and the pragmatic meaning of utterances. It will discuss in semantics the different theories about how meaning can be attached to words, sense relations and truth conditional semantics. In pragmatics Grice’s theory of implicature, Speech act theory, deixis, and lexical pragmatics will be dealt with. Some concepts of Relevance Theory and Cogntive semantics will be studied in more depth. 


A.  Course Description:  This is a survey of the Bible, with focus on the different categories of the Biblical books, their authors and their historical setting.